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Fusion Shows, amplifying the music scene in Lansing

Something's changing in the live music scene in Lansing. There are more shows, bigger names – and did you catch the Common Ground lineup this year? Though there are a number of reasons why, one of them is definitely Lansing's own Fusion Shows.

Downtown Relaxing on the River

Two new boating venues—The Grand Fish and Metro Marinas—are opening the Downtown Lansing riverfront to new kinds of adventure, entertainment and recreation.

Editor’s Pick: Taste and Tour Old Town

Old Town devotees and rookies need to make a point to get out to this weekend's Taste and Tour of Old Town.

Rolling on the River

With the new Accident Fund headquarters and the construction of the new City Market, Lansing’s riverfront is coming alive. So what's next for the city's watery waysides?

Hard Rocking Hopping

In addition to steering the cash flow at Jackson National (JNL), one of the region's financial powerhouses, CFO Andy Hopping, is also rocking his JNL house band onto the national scene.
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