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Lansing Center - Photo Dave Trumpie
Lansing Center - Photo Dave Trumpie | Show Photo


Environment Features

A sweet deal: Urban beekeeping on the rise

While the current tale of the honeybee is a tragic one, not all hope is lost. As more people seek out sustainable alternatives amidst the bustle of city life, there has been a growing interest in beekeeping, right here in the Capital region. 

Lansing becomes a pioneer in Michigan, launching bike share program

Bike sharing is finally a reality here in Lansing ... and it looks like we’re the first city to offer it in the state of Michigan.

Greening businesses and festivals across Michigan

What kind of work goes into greening a festival or business? Ask Erin Steel of Sweaty Mouse, a local greening company that started in Lansing in 2006. Steel created a business from organizing event greening and sustainability by contracting for waste reduction and recycling services in Lansing and beyond. Hear about Sweaty Mouse's impact across the region and state.

In a manor most fowl: urban chicken farming

As sustainable living and homegrown foods continue to grow in popularity, residents in the Capital region find simple pleasure and a sense of community in transforming their backyards into small-scale farms for feathered friends and livestock.

The rebirth of REO Town

Multi-million dollar investments by the City of Lansing, the federal government, and the Board of Water and Light are transforming a dormant Lansing district for the 20-teens. Just south of downtown, REO Town promises to light up with festivals, new business and revitalized neighborhoods. There’s even a restored train depot in the deal.
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