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The Recipe for Thriving Downtowns Part 3: Events

For as much as we enjoy festivals and events as residents, it's hard to believe just how important they also are to creating a thriving downtown. Capital Gains' news editor, Natalie Burg, shares how in part 3 of The Recipe for Thriving Downtowns.

Breathing Life into LCC TV

Not long ago content on Lansing Community College’s TV station centered on reruns of basketball games and still shots of billboards. Today, it has a new name, new program lineup and partnerships across the community. Best of all, it has Nicole Sclafani, producer and station manager, who embodies the bubbling energy of Mid-Michigan beginning to vibrate with the beat of a new economy. If it’s important and especially if it’s fun, know that LCC TV The Link plans to be in the middle of it.

Old Town Lansing: An Award-Winning Main Street Community

Old Town Lansing ... winner of the 2011 Great American Main Street Awards. We all knew this part of our city was a gem, but now we have proof of its awesomeness!

The Recipe for Thriving Downtowns Part 2: Economic Development Tools

Yes, volunteers are integral to creating a thriving downtown ... but what about economic development? We talk grants, small business, job creation and more in Part 2 of our four-part series, The Recipe For Thriving Downtowns.

Lansing Teen Court

At Lansing Teen Court, first-time youth offenders are spared the scourge of the judicial system, which often leaves a permanent record of their youthful misdeeds to follow them. Instead, they face a jury of their peers: high school students, who are not exactly lenient, either.

Lansing: Home of the Great American Fierce Beard Organization

Did you know the Great American Fierce Beard Organization is based here in Lansing? Learn how this group is growing (literally and figuratively) and changing our community for the better.

The Recipe for Thriving Downtowns Part 1: Volunteerism

This is the first of a four part series by our news editor, Natalie Burg, uncovering what it really takes to revitalize our downtown hubs. This week, we focus on volunteerism.

Bruce Katz' Input on Michigan's Next Economy

Capital Gains' News Editor, Natalie Burg, sat down with Bruce Katz of the Brookings Institution discussing the ways we can move cities - like ones in the Capital region - into the next economy.

Capital Ideas: Robin Miner-Swartz

If you know Robin Miner Swartz, then you know why people have referred to her as Lansing's biggest cheerleader. She's engaged, invested and connected to the Capital region, both personally and professionally. Wonder why?

Anonymous Kindness: The Lansing Ninjas

There’s a new movement occurring in the Capital region. It’s not political or religious. They aren’t trying to sell you anything, take your money, or convert you. Heck, they won’t even tell you their names. You won’t see them coming and you’ll never know when they’re going to strike. Why? Because they’re Ninjas.

A Miniature Guide Horse in Lansing

Was that a horse you saw on the bus last week? Don’t worry your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. That was Cali, the American Miniature Horse who might be Lansing's first guide horse. She works with her human, Mona Ramouni. The two moved to East Lansing last August, but Ramouni and Cali already feel embraced and welcomed by the Capital region.

Lansing’s Transportation Trend

It suddenly seems that Mid-Michigan has a mushrooming supply of taxis. Does that reflect a trend, moving us closer to metropolitan status?  The answer is yes, but not in the way you might think. So many things are happening here in the people-moving realm that we are well on the way to becoming a “transportation mecca”.

Behind the Scenes at Ignite Lansing 4.0

Want to know what it was like behind the scenes at one of Lansing's biggest events of 2011? Join regular contributor, Daniel J. Hogan, as he shares his experience at Ignite Lansing 4.0 from the "inside," as a volunteer on the photography team.

Building Lansing with the Bigger Brush Media Music Collective

Musicians Dave Suchanek, Kevin Pritchard and Carter Moulton are using computers, quilts, Christmas lights and California connections to boost the local Lansing music scene.

From Germany to Lansing: Redeveloping the Ruhr Rustbelt

Germany’s Ruhr District is repurposing massive, abandoned industrial facilities, turning them into cultural centers, business parks and museums. Is the Capital region ready or able to do the same?
205 Articles | Page: | Show All
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