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Is starting college during high school Michigan's ticket to success?

Imagine a future where every Michigan student not only went to college, but started that collegiate career before they even left high school. For some students, it's already happening, and it could have big implications for education in our state.

The truth about my love for Lansing

Capital Gains' Managing Editor isn't a Lansing native. And to be honest, she wasn't a big fan of the city when she first moved here nine years ago. Still, she gets involved, loves what's happening here and is now a huge cheerleader for the entire capital region. This is how she came to #LoveLansing.

Are year-round schools in Michigan's future?

From Pontiac to Baldwin, a number of Michigan public school districts are spending this year preparing for a big change. The Capital region also has schools doing the same thing ... 

Lansing's growing Turning Point program transforms boys into men

Turning Point is a burgeoning mentoring program in the Capital region serving African American and Hispanic young men. Following an Afro-centric curriculum based on the seven principles of Kwanzaa, the volunteer-run program provides crucial social and relational skills needed for the adult world.

Giving musicians a Running Start into entrepreneurism

The innovative Running Start program at Michigan State University is tailored to help musicians become entrepreneurs to pursue their musical passions and perform/compose/create for a living.

We need more women in Michigan's halls of power

Gender equality in Michigan's halls of power may be a statewide issue, but as those halls are here in Lansing, the shrinking number of women in state government is particularly visible locally. We're sending off 2013 with a look at why Michigan has its lowest number of fewer female state representatives in 20 years, and what women in the Capital region are doing to change it. 

Fostering a growing Generation E

We're all familiar with Generation X and Generation Y. Now get acquainted with Generation E. Beginning this academic year, middle and high school students in the Capital region will have the chance to put business ideas into action through an innovative curriculum that encourages entrepreneurial thinking.

Lansing Art Works, expanding perspectives

Edutainment. It’s not a word that's in the dictionary or even the urban dictionary, but it's a word that embodies the Lansing Art Works collective: education and entertainment, all building up to a celebration. Learn more about the group's community engagement efforts, from cycling in the moonlight to bringing the Sunday Soup concept to the region.

Little Free Libraries: Building communities, one book at a time

The Little Free Library phenomenon is taking the world by storm, and Lansing is no exception. What started as a neighborhood building concept in Wisconsin has turned into so much more. There are four little libraries registered in the Capital region, and more in the works. But just what is a little free library?

Empowering our youth through computer science

When MSU identified a lack of qualified computer science applicants, the Information Technology Empowerment Center was created with a big goal: to foster a new generation of IT enthusiasts right here in Lansing. Here's how ITEC and an array of community partners are making it happen.

Grow. Cook. Learn. teaching kids about food from the ground up

Stephanie Reuter has melded her expertise and passion to create Grow. Cook. Learn., her exciting new Lansing business that uses a hands-on approach to teach kids about community, gardening, and cooking.

Building robots and hanging out on campus, in high school

The Lansing Community College Board of Trustees meeting this past April wasn’t a bit typical. For one thing, the room was full of high school students. For another, a major item on the agenda was a basketball-playing robot built by those teenagers. Want to know more? Read on to learn about LCC's program, The Early Learning College.

Spinning Night to Day: The Minds Behind The Music

Have you ever wondered about the person behind the turntable? They’re much more than just the talented hands that spin the music to get you moving, and the keen ears that drop just the right beats. Take a behind-the-music look at some of Lansing’s most in-demand and talented DJs.

Refugee Development Center Provides Bridge of Hope for Refugee Children

Lansing’s Refugee Development Center has been helping refugee families find hope and build new lives for more than 10 years. Today, the organization serves hundreds of refugees and has created specialized programs that support and help children making this difficult transition into American life; so they can start anew.

Jackson Kaguri: Raising Awareness from Okemos to Nyakagezi

Jackson Kaguri’s journey has taken him from a tiny village in Uganda to NYC to California - and now to Greater Lansing, where he works daily to ensure AIDS orphans in Nyakagezi, Uganda, have an education, food and healthcare. Find out how one man is making a difference for thousands of children on the other side of the world, from right here in the Capital region.
24 Articles | Page: | Show All
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