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CG Fashion: The Thrill of the Hunt

Meet Andrea Kerbuski, Capital Gains' fashion columnist! Andrea is a successful personal style/fashion blogger with a day job and a love for horses and leather accessories. She attributes her eclectic sense of style to her father. For her first column, she shares how Lansing is the place to thrift for fashion finds.

Community bike sharing in the Capital region. A possibility?

Across the world, community bike shares are becoming popular car alternatives. They’re great for traveling short distances, and cities call them community and economy builders. For more than two years, Lansing has dreamed of becoming a bike share hub, and that dream could soon become a reality.

Speaker Series: City Saunter - What I've Learned About Lansing

Curious about Lansing and want to know more about its history, the future or hidden gems you have yet to discover? Join us on Thursday, Aug. 30, as Ariniko O'Meara shares what she's learned about our city, just by walking its streets.

Hamilton Home Restoration: A Labor of Love

The marks on the brickwork tell visitors that while there is a kind old lady who will offer you a free hot meal; you are also liable to get cussed out and thrown to the curb if you misbehave. The markings, commonly referred to as Hobo code, are just one of the many unique traits of the 140-year-old house in Okemos that Dave Delind took time to restore, while retaining as many remnants of history as possible.

Hip Thinkers of the Broad Art Museum

Whether it’s because of the angular building rising out of Michigan State University’s north campus, the buzz all over social media, Founding Director Michael Rush or the ongoing news articles, most of Greater Lansing knows that the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum is coming soon. But what about the hip thinkers behind the museum, the yet unknown faces that will soon fill the Zaha Hadid designed halls of the region’s newest cultural asset? Capital Gains spent some time getting to know three of the Broad Museum’s - and Greater Lansing’s - newest team members.

Lansing Growth Series Part 3: A place to play

During the Lansing Growth Series, we’ve been looking at how Lansing has dramatically changed over the last decade as a place to work, a place to live, and now, as a place to play. While all three work together, Lansing’s rise as cool place to hang out is a little less straightforward.

Editor's Pick: Turner Street Outdoor Theater

Looking for something fun, different and nostalgic to do this week? Head to Old Town at dusk (10 p.m.-ish) for this summer's last Turner Street Outdoor Theater movie!

Landing in Lansing: Justin Bugsy Sailor

Justin Bugsy Sailor has made the move from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to Lansing twice now. In between, he spent time in more than 100 homes spread out across each of the 50 states. Find out more about how this ultimate road tripper landed in Lansing, and what he really wishes you knew about him.

Editor's Pick: VACANT II

VACANT Lansing is back! Is anything more clear this time? Nope. You're still supposed to "Expect Nothing" when you buy tickets to the event this Saturday, July 21. I'm going. Will you be there?

Ele's Place: Healing Through Listening

A positive fixture in the Lansing community for over 20 years, Ele’s Place is now nationally recognized for their work in helping countless children heal and cope with grief. In January, the organization received a $25,000 grant from The New York Life Foundation to use toward their efforts in expanding the success of their unique program to new Michigan communities. Whether it’s listening to the needs of a community or those of a grieving child, Ele’s Place is clearly doing something very right.

Editor's Pick: Common Ground Music Festival

This Monday marked the beginning of Common Ground Music Festival's 13th year! You may have already missed two days worth of music, but check out what else they have in store for the rest of the week.

How place impacts entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship isn't what it used to be. The scene today is explicitly about social engagement and collaborative leadership. This special report finds examples in three key Michigan places where new models for growth are being created and nurtured.

Editor's Note: Fourth of July Break!

Seeing as the Fourth of July falls on Wednesday this year, it is imperative we inform you ... we will not be working!

Building robots and hanging out on campus, in high school

The Lansing Community College Board of Trustees meeting this past April wasn’t a bit typical. For one thing, the room was full of high school students. For another, a major item on the agenda was a basketball-playing robot built by those teenagers. Want to know more? Read on to learn about LCC's program, The Early Learning College.

Capital Gains Reader Survey

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692 Articles | Page: | Show All
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