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Keeping The Heart of a Spartan in Lansing

Business owner, Camron Gnass knows a good story, and a good opportunity, when he sees one. So he jumped at the chance to publish local author Jack Ebling’s tale of the Michigan State Spartan’s renaissance.

Lansing Beer Week: Where beer gets paired with chocolate and more!

Lansing loves beer. And now, Lansing is getting to know beer better, thanks to the inaugural year of Lansing Beer Week. Experience a bit of the first year’s events and get ramped up for next year through the eyes of Capital Gains’ resident Michigan beer enthusiast.

Speaker Series: The Importance of Housing in Placemaking

If you want to see the inside of a beautifully remodeled Ingham County Land Bank home in the Westside neighborhood, and talk about placemaking and how housing has an impact ... then join us on Oct. 25 at 6 p.m.!

517 Shirts, mixing state pride with area code pride.

Lansing resident, Ty Forquer, loves Lansing so much he launched 517 Shirts, an online t-shirt company capturing Lansing landmarks with a unique edge and providing Lansing-lovers with a hip way to wear their pride.

The quest for Lansing's best pancakes

Freelance writer, Ken Kingery, takes to Lansing's restaurants and breakfast joints in search of the city's best pancakes! Find out where to go the next time you have a hankering for these delicious dollops of batter goodness.

Business evolution: From incubation to visibility

So what happens to startups and other small enterprises after they're fully baked in an entrepreneurial incubator? That's what we set out to find in this special report from three Michigan cities - Detroit, Lansing and Kalamazoo. 

Speaker Series: The impact of social media on small business growth

Join us on Thursday, Sept. 27, to learn how our local businesses are championing social media and using it to grow!

Making it anywhere: Crowdfunding fuels startup companies in surprising places

In this IMG-wide feature, we take a look at how corwdfunding sites like Kickstarter are supporting entrepreneurs sometimes overlooked by traditional investment sources, and helping them launch their startups. In addition to raising money, these sites are proving invaluable for testing new ideas, developing a customer base, gaining exposure and launching ideas into a larger marketplace.

A Deeper Shade of Green: Michigan Energy Options unveils renovated demonstration center

Just how green is the East Lansing-based nonprofit, Michigan Energy Options? While the local energy efficiency gurus await the announcement of their level of LEED certification this Friday, we'll learn how MEO members and staff have worked to make their Grove Street energy demonstration center a unique, working model of sustainability that is open and available to the community.

Celebrating five years and reintroducing the team behind the scenes!

Capital Gains is five years old! Wondering who is behind the news? Meet the team working hard every week to put together an informative magazine, aiming to bring you the news of our region's influencers, innovators, entrepreneurs and more!

CG Fashion: The Thrill of the Hunt

Meet Andrea Kerbuski, Capital Gains' fashion columnist! Andrea is a successful personal style/fashion blogger with a day job and a love for horses and leather accessories. She attributes her eclectic sense of style to her father. For her first column, she shares how Lansing is the place to thrift for fashion finds.

Community bike sharing in the Capital region. A possibility?

Across the world, community bike shares are becoming popular car alternatives. They’re great for traveling short distances, and cities call them community and economy builders. For more than two years, Lansing has dreamed of becoming a bike share hub, and that dream could soon become a reality.

Speaker Series: City Saunter - What I've Learned About Lansing

Curious about Lansing and want to know more about its history, the future or hidden gems you have yet to discover? Join us on Thursday, Aug. 30, as Ariniko O'Meara shares what she's learned about our city, just by walking its streets.

Hamilton Home Restoration: A Labor of Love

The marks on the brickwork tell visitors that while there is a kind old lady who will offer you a free hot meal; you are also liable to get cussed out and thrown to the curb if you misbehave. The markings, commonly referred to as Hobo code, are just one of the many unique traits of the 140-year-old house in Okemos that Dave Delind took time to restore, while retaining as many remnants of history as possible.

Hip Thinkers of the Broad Art Museum

Whether it’s because of the angular building rising out of Michigan State University’s north campus, the buzz all over social media, Founding Director Michael Rush or the ongoing news articles, most of Greater Lansing knows that the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum is coming soon. But what about the hip thinkers behind the museum, the yet unknown faces that will soon fill the Zaha Hadid designed halls of the region’s newest cultural asset? Capital Gains spent some time getting to know three of the Broad Museum’s - and Greater Lansing’s - newest team members.
702 Articles | Page: | Show All
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