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Building Pure Michigan places begins with celebrating great places

The goal of the MIplace™ Sweepstakes is to inspire individuals, communities and organizations to develop even more Michigan great places.

Ingham County Land Bank: A thriving national model for government partnerships

The Ingham County Land Bank is often recognized in passing. It might be mentioned in an article or conversation about a unique local development, a “for sale” sign staked in a yard as you drive through local neighborhoods ... or it might be a crime-ridden hotel being transformed into a public destination for graffiti art. But what is a land bank, exactly? And why is the Ingham County Land Bank seen as a national model for how land banks can function? Read on to get the scoop on this thriving national model for government partnerships.

Getting Paid for Vision: Lansing Illustrators Who Made Their Passion A Career

Starving artist, we’re all familiar with the term. But illustrators in the Capital region seem to be doing pretty well for themselves. We couldn´t highlight them all, so here’s a look at how some of our well-known local artists are making it by following their passion and doing what they love: art.

Memorial Day Holiday: Capital Gains is off next week!

The weather finally permits some time for Capital Gains staff to scope out the city and dig up some interesting stories while enjoying time with family and friends this long Memorial Day weekend.

Lansing Growth Series Part 1: The New Way To Work in Town

So, how far has Lansing come in a decade? Have we grown, developed? Are we on the right track? Let's take a look and see, shall we! In the first part of our Lansing Growth series, we take a look at how Lansing has changed as a place to work.

Editor's Pick: GAFBO Love Through The Ages: A Prom for Adults

Have a fabulous bridesmaids dress you've wanted to wear again? Want to relive your high school prom surrounded by beard folk and merriment? Then don't miss the Great American Fierce Beard Organization's Love Through The Ages: A Prom for Adults this Saturday!

Sustainability Planning and the Private Sector

What does a new $3 million federal planning grant offer developers and the private sector? Capital Gains gets the scoop from leaders with skin in the regional economic development game.

Choosing Lansing: Lauren Aitch

After hometown girl, Lauren Aitch, played basketball for the Spartans and abroad, she decided to come back to the Capital region to launch her fashion line and a foundation. Read more about her journey, and why she no longer sees Lansing as just a great place to raise a family.

Speaker Series: Wine and Brew Culture and its Positive Influence on the Economy

So, what do you know about beer and wine, sustainable brewing and growing practices and the industry's influence on placemaking - perhaps even the economy? Join us at Taps 25 this Friday, May 4, to find out!

Editor's Pick: Mighty Uke Day

If the ukulele is to have a festival, it should be nothing but mighty, right? Join in on the festivities at Mighty Uke Day throughout Old Town Lansing on Saturday, May 5!

CG Slideshow: The Great Redhead Migration

When a design studio in the Capital region moves to a bigger and brighter location, it isn't just news worthy ... it's slideshow worthy! The folks at Redhead Design Studio moved a few blocks to their new space in Old Town and invited the entire community to join the precession - appropriately named The Great Redhead Migration - equipped with a pack mule named Duke, and a junior traffic director. If you missed the spectacle, check out Dave Trumpie's great pictures from the event.

Spinning Night to Day: The Minds Behind The Music

Have you ever wondered about the person behind the turntable? They’re much more than just the talented hands that spin the music to get you moving, and the keen ears that drop just the right beats. Take a behind-the-music look at some of Lansing’s most in-demand and talented DJs.

Speaker Series: Art and Urbanism

Why is it important to have art in urban areas? Is there more to it than creating a sense of place in our city? Come find out next week at Fenner Nature Center!

Refugee Development Center Provides Bridge of Hope for Refugee Children

Lansing’s Refugee Development Center has been helping refugee families find hope and build new lives for more than 10 years. Today, the organization serves hundreds of refugees and has created specialized programs that support and help children making this difficult transition into American life; so they can start anew.

Michigan Transportation Odyssey

“After the Greeks won the Trojan War, it took Odysseus about 10 years to get from Troy to Ithaca,” says James Bruckbauer, policy specialist at the Michigan Land Use Institute. “Unless you’re in a car or an airplane, getting around Michigan can often seem as difficult.”
673 Articles | Page: | Show All
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