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Editor's Pick: Eve of Ignition!

OK. We’ve been silent long enough. From here on out we’re going to post our number one must do, must see, must have news every week. We’re not interested in being Captain Obvious so if you have ideas that are off the radar, share them here.

Building a Healthier Lansing

The Power of We Consortium and AmeriCorps are using Lansing as a pilot for a healthy lifestyles program that could emerge as a statewide model.

Daniel Hogan Joins Capital Gains Team

We’d like to introduce you to Daniel Hogan, 28, the self-described lovable geek and feature writer who'll be taking over development editor responsibilities here at Capital Gains.

Welcome Aboard Young Leaders

Many of the area's traditional businesses and organizations are gaining new insights and support by opening board of director positions to young leaders.

The Growing Slam Poetry Scene

An underground poetry scene in Lansing is gathering steam, starting with a devoted group of committed followers.

From Paris, With Lessons

Beyond appreciation for cafés and great wine, what else do the streets of Paris have to teach Lansing? Capital Gains' Gretchen Cochran offers a few observations from the City of Light.

Blog: Kelly Steffen and Joshua Croff

As MSU works to bring car sharing to the town, two MSU students share their thoughts on what it could do for the region.

Single in the City

What’s the dating scene like in Lansing? Local geek Daniel J. Hogan explores the good, the bad and the hilarious of being single in the Capital region.

Best of Green 2009

What does “green” really mean? Our readers, developers and community members ask us this question all the time. We take it to mean lots of things — LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) development, sustainable living, public transportation, walkable communities and the reuse of abandoned properties.

Throughout 2009, we’ve run several articles concerning green ideas and green developments. After much deliberation, we’ve put together our Best of Green issue.

These feature, development and innovation articles include large green developments such as the renovation of the 20,000 square foot former Cedar Street School, as well as large green ideas such as the City of East Lansing’s commitment to becoming the first Michigan city to adopt a green building policy.

Thank you for your loyal readership! Have a great holiday and we’ll see you again in 2010.

Vacant Gas Stations: What If?

Out-of-business gas stations are abundant in the Capital region. But just because they’re closed today doesn’t mean they have to stay that way.

Rolling on the River

With the new Accident Fund headquarters and the construction of the new City Market, Lansing’s riverfront is coming alive. So what's next for the city's watery waysides?

Gearing Up for Smart Commute

Lansing is kicking off a summer of Smart Commuting, complete with festivals, competitions, classes and lots of reflective gear. Check out the region's committed, car-free trekkers.

Top 10 2009

In 2009, we heard some great ideas regarding social business, entrepreneurship and the redevelopment of one the region’s most valuable assets — the riverfront.

We also talked to individuals who are creating or have created incubators for the area’s best and brightest. Interestingly, these incubators run the educational gamut, providing services for elementary, high school and college students as well as start-ups.

Since it’s the end of the year, we can’t resist concluding with a few top 10 issues. This week, we’re running the Top Ten of 2009 so if there’s a feature, development or innovation story you missed during the year, here’s your chance to take another look.


Capital Ideas: Thomas Stewart

One Capital region entrepreneur takes a look at social business, a business model he believes could give the region a positive boost both economically and socially.

Young Smart Global Lansing

Lansing has plenty of networking groups and business organizations, but now it’s got something entirely different—a group of young professionals who are investing their time, businesses and ideas in creating a city they want to live in.
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