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Gearing Up for Smart Commute

Lansing is kicking off a summer of Smart Commuting, complete with festivals, competitions, classes and lots of reflective gear. Check out the region's committed, car-free trekkers.

Top 10 2009

In 2009, we heard some great ideas regarding social business, entrepreneurship and the redevelopment of one the regionís most valuable assets ó the riverfront.

We also talked to individuals who are creating or have created incubators for the areaís best and brightest. Interestingly, these incubators run the educational gamut, providing services for elementary, high school and college students as well as start-ups.

Since itís the end of the year, we canít resist concluding with a few top 10 issues. This week, weíre running the Top Ten of 2009 so if thereís a feature, development or innovation story you missed during the year, hereís your chance to take another look.


Capital Ideas: Thomas Stewart

One Capital region entrepreneur takes a look at social business, a business model he believes could give the region a positive boost both economically and socially.

Young Smart Global Lansing

Lansing has plenty of networking groups and business organizations, but now itís got something entirely differentóa group of young professionals who are investing their time, businesses and ideas in creating a city they want to live in.

Lansing Indie Film Hits the Big Screen

It's movie time! Lansing makes a notable big-screen debut on Sunday with the premiere of Michael McCallum's gritty new full-length, indie noir flick, Fairview St.

DeWitt's Creative Class(room)

Two DeWitt high school teachers are spearheading a movement designed to get students involved in community building and New Economy entrepreneurship.

Savory Smoke-Free Hotspots

Wave goodbye to the stinging eyes, graveling throat and clothes that smell like you've been in a fire. These fine establishments have found a new kind of smoke-free success.

Capital Ideas: Bill Flanagan

Lansing and Pittsburgh have quite a bit in common as they scramble to reinvent economic success. Capital Gains talks with one of the leaders who helped the Steel City pull itself back.

Making Money Matter More

More communities are turning to local currencies to encourage people to buy local goods, build neighborly bonds and reward unpaid actions. Is Lansing missing out?

Inspiration Through Incubation

Capital Gains takes a tour of the new business and education incubators that are becoming driving forces for economic and cultural reinvention in the Capital region.

The Future of Manufacturing

Lansing hosts one of the most progressive manufacturing facilities in the stateóa place where good design counts, protecting the environment is important, and social contribution ranks high.

The Messy Side of Money

Is it possible to make money with fine art? Lansing artist Kimberly Lavon thinks so, and is using the weight of the press to make it happen.

Switching Up the Scene

With the start of the school year, MSU student DJ Rob Perry is working to turn Old Town's Spiral dance club into a hotspot on the national Switch network.

Capital Ideas: Jamie Schriner-Hooper

Jamie Schriner-Hooper talks to Capital Gains about Old Town, the Michigan Main Street Program, and a grassroots movement to rebuild Michiganís downtowns.
172 Articles | Page: | Show All
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