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Interested in freelancing with Capital Gains?

Capital Gains Media is looking for connected, reliable writers with a passion for covering entrepreneurism, innovation, arts, culture and more in the Capital region. 

Supporting a culture of youth entrepreneurship in Lansing and beyond

The first annual Pure Lansing Celebrates Youth Entrepreneurship event gave student entrepreneurs from across the state the chance to have their ideas heard and encouraged by those who could help them build their businesses in the future.

Block Imaging, where people matter

Sometimes, people switch careers as a favor to a friend and end up starting a globally-utilized medical imaging equipment company right here in the Capital region. Block Imaging's former president did just that, and now has a legacy for his family and community.

Giving musicians a Running Start into entrepreneurism

The innovative Running Start program at Michigan State University is tailored to help musicians become entrepreneurs to pursue their musical passions and perform/compose/create for a living.

East Lansing goes to market with upgrades for Valley Court Park

A centrally-located park near the heart of East Lansing's downtown will undergo a facelift this spring, improving conditions for the popular grower's-only farmer's market and building on the city's increasing sense of place. 

Eaton Rapids eyes riverfront development with adaptive reuse of historic property

A historic woolen mill near the confluence of two rivers has inspired a post-industrial vision for Eaton Rapids as developers and civic leaders look to bring activity back to the riverfront.

2020 Girls: Empowering future leaders in science and math

The 2020 Girls program develops a passion for STEM studies and careers in young girls in the Lansing area, engaging girls in traditionally male fields of study. 

Slideshow: Hawk Island Snow Park

I'm sure we all agree this winter was, well (surprisingly dreadful), long. But a whole heap of fun is still tucked away in South Lansing at Hawk Island Snow Park. Check out some of the fun things you can do there. 

Choosing Lansing: Emily Dievendorf

Emily Dievendorf is an advocacy driven, social superhero, working to make Michigan a better place for the LGBT community. A lobbyist, and Executive Director of Equality Michigan, she thrives on Lansing and living in a community that shares her vision.

The man behind Lansing's own professional soccer team

Jeremy Sampson brought his passion for sports to the Capital region in the early '90s. After nearly two decades spent reporting on Lansing-area sports news, Sampson and his Lansing United soccer team are ready to make some news of their own.

Chosen by Lansing: Mary Wacera

Although she's only 26, Mary Wacera is an internationally acclaimed professional athlete who's fueled by incredible drive, purpose and a heart of gold. And she's bringing it all to Lansing. 

Putting fun in financial health awareness

While your finances may not be the most exciting topic, financial health and empowerment are vital to every community. Show Me the Money Day helps Greater Lansing - and other Michigan communities - achieve financial empowerment by making the experience fun and unique. 

Incubating food business in Lansing

What do a kitchen in Holt, a market in downtown Lansing and a neighborhood center on the Eastside have in common? More than you might think. These local food incubators all have the same goal in mind: cooking up a new generation of businesses that are setting down roots in the capital city and beyond.

Helping to shape the future of Google Glass

Local tech enthusiasts help shape the future of Google Glass through the exclusive Google Explorer Program. Their charge is to take the latest in wearable technology into real world situations and experiment with improvements and new, creative applications.

The growing filmmaking scene in Lansing

Hollywood, LA, New York … Lansing? While Lansing has yet to gain the filmmaking notability these cities have acquired, it may be well on its way to becoming a hotspot for film production.
708 Articles | Page: | Show All
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