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Mompreneurs and child's play

Driven by similar visions for creative, energy-burning spaces for kids, four local moms built their own businesses geared toward giving parents in the Capital region welcoming places to take the kids and enjoy some grown-up time, too.

Building up the Michigan/Grand River Corridor

With two projects under their belt and one in the works, Wolf River Development is at the center of a goal to build up the Michigan/Grand River Corridor in Lansing and East Lansing. Their housing projects are bringing students back to campus and helping to contribute to the density and vibrancy of the area. 

Conscientious flexitarians - eating the right meat

While conscientious eaters are loading up with fruits and veggies just like mom advised, many aren't totally keen about holding the chicken or beef from their daily diets. Some foodies are blending their vegetarian leanings with occasional infusions of meaty meals. Loosely known as "flexitarians," these versatile eaters are driving the presence of fine meats at restaurants, markets and home grills.

Entrepreneurs who want to make a social impact

On June 18, Michigan’s first Social Entrepreneur Challenge wrapped up with the Social Entrepreneur Showcase, where dreamers and doers from across the state were given the opportunity to connect, network and share their ideas with the people who could help them bring those ideas to life.

Fostering a growing Generation E

We're all familiar with Generation X and Generation Y. Now get acquainted with Generation E. Beginning this academic year, middle and high school students in the Capital region will have the chance to put business ideas into action through an innovative curriculum that encourages entrepreneurial thinking.

Lansing's space for makers to create

Lansing area woodworkers, metal smiths, electronic geeks and hobbyists can come out of their lonely basements and sheds to a new welcoming space. After a year-and-a-half in the making, the Lansing Makers Network is up and running, offering a tinkering heaven replete with tools, like-minded people and wide-open creation spaces.

Speaker Series Recap: Innovative educators

On June 27, we heard from educators who are taking their children out of the classroom, both mentally and physically, to enhance their learning experience.

Barber by day, Urban clothier by night

Wearing his passion for fashion on his T-shirt sleeve is part of what puts Leo Brown on the map as one of Lansing's most innovative, thought-provoking, and celebrity-savvy urban clothing designers.

Small Businesses As Third Places Experience Growth

How many places do you have? If you're not sure, here's a recommendation: three. In this special report, we'll discover small businesses throughout Michigan that serve as "third places" for their communities, and are growing because of it. 

Greening businesses and festivals across Michigan

What kind of work goes into greening a festival or business? Ask Erin Steel of Sweaty Mouse, a local greening company that started in Lansing in 2006. Steel created a business from organizing event greening and sustainability by contracting for waste reduction and recycling services in Lansing and beyond. Hear about Sweaty Mouse's impact across the region and state.

Dog grooming, a booming industry

From clipping and bathing to cleaning ears and nails, dog groomers in the Capital region provide personal care services to your favorite pack member as part of a growing profession for our pet-indulgent culture.

Lansing Art Works, expanding perspectives

Edutainment. It’s not a word that's in the dictionary or even the urban dictionary, but it's a word that embodies the Lansing Art Works collective: education and entertainment, all building up to a celebration. Learn more about the group's community engagement efforts, from cycling in the moonlight to bringing the Sunday Soup concept to the region.

Speaker Series: Innovative educators

All teachers have the opportunity to impact the lives of their students. On Thurs, June 27, meet a few of the many innovative educators who are going above and beyond to engage, inspire and make a difference.

Lucinda Means Bicycle Advocacy Day

On Wednesday, May 22, bicyclists from across the state and farther gathered on the steps of the Capitol for the annual Lucinda Means Bicycle Advocacy Day, bringing awareness to important issues impacting Michigan cyclists. Read about their efforts to make the roads safer for cyclists.

Speaker Series Recap: Incubator spaces and the economy

This past Thursday, May 30, folks from the community gathered together to talk about incubator spaces and the impact they have on the local economy. The conversation was centered on the way these programs are designed to support the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources and services.
673 Articles | Page: | Show All
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