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Knitters' Nook expands location in first four months

Until few months ago, knitting was just something Kristi Lundgren did for fun. Though she still finds it as fun as ever, her hobby became a business when she opened the doors to Knitters Nook in Williamston in November.
“As with anything that comes along at the right season of your life,” says Lundgren, “everything just fell into place.”
A former nurse, Lundgren was stopping in to Yeetown in Williamston’s Keller’s Plaza to see if the retailers would be interested in selling some of her knitting projects. When she stumbled upon a 200-square foot commercial space in the same building, her plans suddenly changed.
“I walked up these stairs to the second floor and the space just gave me a good feeling looking at it,” says Lundgren. “I decided to call and see if it was available.”
Within weeks, she was selling yarn, giving knitting lessons and selling her own works at the new Knitters Nook. When the reception was even better than she’d hoped from the area knitting community, she knew she needed more space. Just months after opening, she is more than doubling her size to 450 square feet by connecting to the space next door.
“I’ve been doing small classes with, two or three people,” Lundgren says. “I didn’t really have the space to teach a group. My passion is teaching people how to knit.”
With construction near completion, the Knitters Nook on South Putnam Street will soon offer expanded class options.
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