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Good Fruit Video expands into REO Town's Art Alley

What began as two similar companies and a play on words is now a full-on video production company moving into a new home in REO Town. Good Fruit Video actually began as Justin Caine’s Good Time Communications and Kraig Westfall’s KiWe Productions.
“At the time both of us were kind of struggling,” says Caine. “I had a large network of people but I did not have all the resources and knowledge I needed to for a full time video production company. Kraig, on the on the other hand, had all the experience and know-how, but his network was limited.”
The two started working together, sort of smashed their company names together off-handedly, and before they knew it they had a winning team and the name Good Fruit Video stuck. The team spent three years in the first class of East Lansing’s Technology Innovation Center.
“They TIC helped us out a lot,” says Caine. “When a business just starts out, cash flow is always the biggest issue. So when you have a resource like the TIC or like the NEO Center, that means you have a lot less of a burden so you can focus more time on building your company.”
Caine and Westfall are now graduating from the TIC and moving into a larger space in REO Town’s Art Alley building.
“REO Town is rtarting to redevelop and become a vibrant piece of our community,” says Caine. “We’re extremely excited about being there and really excited to keep on growing.” 
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