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Westside mural - Photo Dave Trumpie
Westside mural - Photo Dave Trumpie
Originally built as a suburban oasis for the early auto plants, the Westside’s beautiful historic homes still shine during the area’s frequent garden and home tours. The largely residential district hosts half a dozen highly active neighborhood associations full of a diverse collection of activists, professionals, retirees, families, and artists. They all gravitate toward the area’s strong sense of community engagement, and the restaurants, local bars and shops along the Saginaw Street corridor.

Westside Features

Paws for compassion: Therapy dogs help those in need

More and more hospitals, schools and service organizations are finding that the qualities that make dogs man's best friend also make them instinctual providers of the unconditional love, compassion and care needed to heal. 

The Quest for Lansing's Best Burger

The summer's heating up and grills are being lit, so Capital Gains sent two intrepid writers out on the streets to find Lansing's best-tasting beef on a bun. 

Lansing, a launching pad for franchise business

Franchisors have long recognized the combination of a supportive business culture, unique demographics and strong work ethic that makes Greater Lansing an ideal city to launch a franchise or find a home for an established concept.

Conscientious flexitarians - eating the right meat

While conscientious eaters are loading up with fruits and veggies just like mom advised, many aren't totally keen about holding the chicken or beef from their daily diets. Some foodies are blending their vegetarian leanings with occasional infusions of meaty meals. Loosely known as "flexitarians," these versatile eaters are driving the presence of fine meats at restaurants, markets and home grills.

License to snoop: retro home edition 1920-1960

Are you one of those house-crazy people? You know, the kind who can’t resist looking through local real estate listings or driving past an open house without going in. Are you the party guest who wants the tour before a drink hits your lips? Do you find yourself oohing and ahhing over cool old architecture or keeping track of the renovation job down the street? No? Oh, well, then, definitely not us, either. We also aren’t especially geeked to feature four Lansing area homes that pay homage to the decade in which they were built ... please note the tone of sarcasm, and click on!
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