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Lansing Center - Photo Dave Trumpie
Lansing Center - Photo Dave Trumpie | Show Photo


Southside Hawk Island Park - Photo Dave Trumpie
Southside Hawk Island Park - Photo Dave Trumpie
Encompassing the large collection of neighborhoods generally south of I-496, Lansingís Southside is a big area with numerous commercial strips running north and south along Cedar, MLK and Pennsylvania streets. In addition to its strong residential focus, which shines through in places like the long-stable Colonial Village, the area also supports many beautiful parks and amenities such as Potter Park Zoo. The South Lansing commercial areas near Edgewood Blvd. mark the cityís southern boundary.

Southside Features

Lansing, a launching pad for franchise business

Franchisors have long recognized the combination of a supportive business culture, unique demographics and strong work ethic that makes Greater Lansing an ideal city to launch a franchise or find a home for an established concept.

A sweet deal: Urban beekeeping on the rise

While the current tale of the honeybee is a tragic one, not all hope is lost. As more people seek out sustainable alternatives amidst the bustle of city life, there has been a growing interest in beekeeping, right here in the Capital region. 

Dog grooming, a booming industry

From clipping and bathing to cleaning ears and nails, dog groomers in the Capital region provide personal care services to your favorite pack member as part of a growing profession for our pet-indulgent culture.

In a manor most fowl: urban chicken farming

As sustainable living and homegrown foods continue to grow in popularity, residents in the Capital region find simple pleasure and a sense of community in transforming their backyards into small-scale farms for feathered friends and livestock.

All of the Above: building community in Lansing through hip hop

What comes to mind when you think of hip hop? For many, it's the ever popular rap artist persona prevalent in media and pop culture ... but mentors of youth in All of the Above, Lansing’s own hip hop academy, would beg to differ. Come find out why.
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