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A quaint, small town about 20 minutes east of Lansing, Williamston’s downtown boasts historic sites and well-preserved buildings nestled along the Red Cedar River. Williamston is well-known among both antique lovers and paddle-sports fans—just north of downtown is a park with a whitewater canoe and kayak course that replaced an 1840s-era dam.


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Slowly but surely connecting parks and trails systems in Ingham County

A new director and a new millage will amount to some major changes in Ingham County, like new and more connected systems of trails and parks. Hear more about what the Parks Department has planned.

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Lansing, a launching pad for franchise business

Franchisors have long recognized the combination of a supportive business culture, unique demographics and strong work ethic that makes Greater Lansing an ideal city to launch a franchise or find a home for an established concept.

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The change behind Williamston's growing downtown

If there's one thing we keep a good tabs on here at Capital Gains, it's where small businesses are growing in the Capital region. With an overabundance of new retail, dining and investment coming out of Downtown Williamston for a few years running, we decided to find out what has been spurring such big growth in one of the region's favorite small towns.

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Conscientious flexitarians - eating the right meat

While conscientious eaters are loading up with fruits and veggies just like mom advised, many aren't totally keen about holding the chicken or beef from their daily diets. Some foodies are blending their vegetarian leanings with occasional infusions of meaty meals. Loosely known as "flexitarians," these versatile eaters are driving the presence of fine meats at restaurants, markets and home grills.

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The Many Faces of Lansing Theater Part 2: Nostalgic Theaters

Join us for the second stop in our three-part series on Lansing area theater: the theaters of time gone by. We'll explore the local venues still alive and kicking, and reminisce on some of the haunts that exist only in memory and photographs.
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