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Lansing Center - Photo Dave Trumpie
Lansing Center - Photo Dave Trumpie | Show Photo

Grand Ledge

Grand Ledge "All Thing" sculpture - Photo Dave Trumpie
Grand Ledge "All Thing" sculpture - Photo Dave Trumpie
A traditional small town with lots of Americana charm, Grand Ledge is beginning to appeal to a younger crowd. The town is known for its restored opera house, bustling ice cream shops and for the maintenance of its beautiful Victorian architecture. Grand Ledge also offers many charming shops and beautiful views, including sandstone cliffs overlooking the Grand River that offer unique challenges for area rock-climbers.

Grand Ledge Features

Helping to shape the future of Google Glass

Local tech enthusiasts help shape the future of Google Glass through the exclusive Google Explorer Program. Their charge is to take the latest in wearable technology into real world situations and experiment with improvements and new, creative applications.

Lansing, a launching pad for franchise business

Franchisors have long recognized the combination of a supportive business culture, unique demographics and strong work ethic that makes Greater Lansing an ideal city to launch a franchise or find a home for an established concept.

The Many Faces of Lansing Theater Part 2: Nostalgic Theaters

Join us for the second stop in our three-part series on Lansing area theater: the theaters of time gone by. We'll explore the local venues still alive and kicking, and reminisce on some of the haunts that exist only in memory and photographs.

The Many Faces of Lansing Theater Part 1: Performance Theatre

Where does your mind go when you hear the word theater? Popcorn and a flick? Playbills and a stage? Glitzy marquees and red velvet seats? Come along with us as we explore all three in the Lansing area in an on-going series. First up: performance theatre!

A Tribute to Trumpie

We editors at Capital Gains must confess – we love to highlight all of the awesome on-goings and awesome people here in the Capital region … but Dave Trumpie adds an exhilarating visual component that makes our work even more rewarding.  So today, we pay tribute to the man behind the cam, where he came from and what he plans to do next!
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